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EDU 630: Assessment of Student Learning (Augspurger): Week 7

This course is an overview of the current research, theory, and practice related to assessment and student learning.

Week 7 Overview

This week we will complete our informational Module. Over the course of the last few weeks you have been reading through components on data, literacy, analytics, decision making, and of course technology tools available to make effective analysis and tracking manageable.

During the week, you will read through the Week 7 Reading Resources and then complete the Assessment Technology Review Assignment. There are a lot of technology-based assessment tools available being used - - from formative assessment before daily lesson to guide instruction - - to high stakes summative assessment worth funding dollars - - to yearly lesson assessment tracking outcomes. Having a good understanding of different technology tools available, their functions, and their capabilities will serve you well in the future when planning for your classroom, classrooms you mentor, and classrooms you supervise!

Chapter 4: Overview of Assessment Techniques

Chapter 9: New Technologies

Chapter 3: A State Perspective on Enhancing Assessment and Accountability Systems Through Systematic Implementation of Technology

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