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EDU 630: Assessment of Student Learning (Augspurger): Week 6

This course is an overview of the current research, theory, and practice related to assessment and student learning.

Week 6 Overview

Welcome to Week 6! Over the course of the last several weeks we have addressed what the data says and factors impacting achievement. Now that you have the big picture, it is important to gain a deeper understanding of how those factors play out in the classroom so that you are prepared to support teachers in the classroom.

During the week, you will be finishing your Week 5 Achievement Factors Analysis paper and working with assessment concepts at the classroom level. The first key element is to make learning expectations visible. Goals, Learning Intentions, and Success Criteria make learning visible. Combining these elements with quality feedback and self-regulation strategies have a significant impact on student achievement.

Our readings this week are individually completed, as is our Know Your Purpose Activity and Assessment Process Assignment . As you work through this week’s materials consider your future role, the context in which you will be functioning, and making clear both purpose and expectations in a meaningful way.

Chapter 2: Assessment With and For Students

Chapter 3: It All Depends on What the Data Tell You

Chapter 3: Self-Regulated Learning

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