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Using Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) Codes.

Find them under the FREE TOOLS tab.

The codes help describe the content of the publication. There are primary and secondary codes, and some coding has changed over the years. You can see the changes in coding for a more comprehensive search.

Use the codes in tandem with your search terms to narrow your search.

Math SciNet Tutorials

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What is MathSciNet:

MathSciNet is a database from the American Mathematical Society (AMS) that contains 2.8 million reviews and abstracts from math publications (1.6 million of these have direct links to the article or item!) This database is licensed through Spiva Library and connects you to online versions of several mathematical resources.

What is included in MathSciNet:

Abstracts and mathematical reviews 

How far back does MathSciNet go:

MathSciNet has items that date back to about 1940, with many older mateirals as well. Some older volumes have been retrospectively and are included in the database, such as the Annals of Math (back to 1884)

How do I access MathSciNet:

Go to A-Z Database List, it is listed under the letter, M or as a new database at the right-hand side of this page.

or click 

Where can I get help?

You can always ask us if you are stuck with a research question.  Also, there are many tutorials available in MathSciNet.  This link is support help from MathSciNet itself.

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