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Open Educational Resources: Evaluating and Adopting OER

A guide for instructor basic understanding of Open Educational Resources (OER), including how to find, evaluate, use and adapt OER materials for their own curriculum.

OER Stories and Quotes

OER stories from Open Washington found here!

OER stories from BCcampus found here!

OER stories from Mizzou found here!

OER Evaluation Tools

Adoption Guides

Things to consider when Evaluating OER

Does this material cover the content your class will learn?

If not, how far off is it? If the material has several points you like and only a few you don't, consider using part of it or adapting it for your class.

How do you normally evaluate materials? 

Don't lower your standards. There is a wide variety of quality in available OER materials. 


Faculty Guide to Evaluating OER

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